5 Ideas for Boosting Brand Awareness by Curating Content

Once you begin blogging regularly, you may find that blog ideas do not flow smoothly from your brain to your 

keyboard every time you need good content.

Since the purpose of your blog is to make your brand stand out from the competition, you may be hesitant to curate ideas from other sources to fill your blog, feeling that curated content will not make your brand unique. 

However, if done correctly, curating content can actually help you increase brand awareness and position your brand as an authority in your field.

Here are 5 ideas for boosting brand awareness by curating content:

1) Re-share a popular social media update. 

The key to re-sharing social media updates in a fresh way is to time it correctly.

Remember that the internet is a constantly shifting and changing landscape.

What is found everywhere today can quickly fall off the map tomorrow.

Use the transient nature of social media to your advantage by unearthing a social media update at a different time period. 

Then, what is old will become new again.

Make it fresher still by adding your unique insights to the post.

2) Share key pieces of learning from a presentation on social media. 

Think about presentations you have prepared for your industry.

Re-purpose key points of the presentation by sharing tidbits on social media platforms.

In this way, one presentation can become a series of interesting and informative posts for your social media followers.

3) Edit a video into manageable bits to share on social media. 

In a similar way, videos crammed with information can be broken down into easily digestible bits for your audience.

When using videos in this way, be sure to link back to the main video to give your audience the chance to receive even more information.

Why is it a good idea to break it down in the first place?

Simply put, the more easily information can be digested by your audience, the more likely it is that they will come back for more information.

Positioning yourself as an authority in your field in this way will boost your brand awareness.

4) Turn each part of a listicle into its own blog post. 

Sometimes the ideas you need for your blog are already there in the form of listicles from other blog posts.

Expanding on the ideas from each individual item on a prior listicle can provide a substantial number of new posts.

Thus, a 7-item listicle can be transformed into 7 different blogs, each with its own expanded explanation.

This is an easy way to boost brand awareness with a minimum of fuss and muss.

5) Share key quotes or visuals from a blog post on social media. 

Do you have particular blog posts that are read frequently by visitors to your site?

If so, lift key quotes or visuals from these popular blog posts and share them on social media.

Then, link those interesting tidbits back to your original blog.

Think of it as casting seeds into the wind.

Some seeds will surely land on productive soil.

In like manner, interesting quotes and visuals engage viewers to interact with your brand, and brand awareness will surely grow.

Add Your Own Spice 

Re-purposing your own great content or curating good

content from other sources is a great way to seed your blog.

However, it is important to remember that the purpose of your blog and social media marketing is to draw attention to your unique brand.

When you curate content, you must make it your own by adding your unique insights, opinions, and expertise.

If you do this, you will boost your brand awareness while keeping your social media presence strong and fresh.

Content is the fuel that should drive your inbound marketing strategy.

By creating valuable, high-quality content that’s targeted at a specific, well-defined audience, you’ll do more than attract visitors to your website.

You’ll attract the right visitors who are likely to convert into leads and customers.

More than that, content will help with your website’s SEO.

Creating and distributing content is the best way to earn valuable inbound links that can boost your search rankings and help improve your website’s discoverability.

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