9 Blog Post Ideas for Nonprofit Blogging

Blogging for your nonprofit is not an option any longer.

nonprofit blogging With competition for donors at an all time high, the reality today is that a nonprofit organization is one of many search results on a search engine report.

79 percent of marketers’ report that blogging is their most effective digital marketing strategy.

Blog posts are a great way to highlight the success of your organization, build excitement around your fundraising campaigns and provide a forum for continuous dialogue with your community.

Making your nonprofit brand stand out and appear trustworthy is about creating content that attracts and converts donors in combination with a remarkable donor experience. 

Finding topics to write about is one of the most common challenges that nonprofit marketers face.

I recommend that you start by answering some of your supporters most popular questions, reviewing industry trends, discussing your plans to meet your goals, or conducting brief interviews with experts from your organization.

As a content marketer few things are worse than feeling uninspired.

That’s why I created a list of nonprofit blogging post ideas to help you strengthen your craft, boost your creativity and publish valuable content for your audience. 

Here are 9 ideas designed to help get your creative juices flowing;

  • 1
    Write about a time you felt inspired to make a change; why was it you decided to make a career in the nonprofit world? Does it go beyond the work that you do? What motivated you to get involved with your current organization?
  • 2
    Write about your programs; have there been any recent developments or changes? Events and milestones help your supporters visualize the impact of their contributions and can provide the impetus for more contributions.
  • 3
    Write about the favorite part of your job; as a nonprofit professional you are at the forefront of some of the most inspiring work being accomplished in the world. What is it about your job that brings you joy and satisfaction? Let your readers know.
  • 4
    Write about your volunteers; give credit to your volunteers with a blog post. Use a post to shine the limelight on them and hopefully inspire others to become volunteers at your organization. Take time to sit down with your volunteer team and gather testimonials. 
  • 5
    Write about your donors; everyone has a story to tell, help your supporters tell theirs. Talk about the individual and the important contribution they are making to your organization.
  • 6
    Write about industry trends; for example, one recent development in the nonprofit world has been the change in the 2018 tax law. How will this trend impact your organization? Use a blog post to talk about hot topics and initiatives that are top of mind in your office. 
  • 7
    Write about your challenges; what challenges do you face as you advance your mission? Write about some issues that stand in your way and help your readers understand how you are overcoming them.
  • 8
    Write about the people who inspire you; consider which thought leaders you follow and what organizations you look up to. Connect it to the work you are doing and offer an inspiring message to your readers.
  • 9
    Write to say thanks; thanking your donors is a common courtesy and should be a large part of your donor stewardship strategy. Brainstorm creative ways to say thank you to your donors on your blog.


As you embark on your blogging journey, prepare for the workload tied to content management.

Build an editorial calendar and start adding resources.

Your organization is doing amazing things, help people discover exactly what they are.

To learn more about attracting donors to your organization using digital marketing download our eGuide entitled How to Attract and Retain Donors.

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