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A Master Plan for Writing Good Copy

Five tips to keep your audience engaged

Writing good copy for website pages, blog posts or newsletters can be tricky, difficult, or even frustrating.

What do potential customers want to hear? What entices web visitors to contact you, to sign up for your e-newsletter, and to buy from you? And what makes them click away?

The “secret” to writing seductive web copy is to write for one person only: your ideal reader. Once you know who you’re writing for, it becomes clear what you should write and how you should write it.

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Finding Insights from How Consumers Search Online.

When you’re trying to decide how to frame your brand and set up your website so you get the best possible response to your product or service, starting with how consumers search for information can give you tremendous insight.

Product scenario:

Let’s say you are seriously thinking about opening up a store for unmanned aerial vehicle aficionados in Great Falls, Montana.

So, what can current searches tell you about your target market?

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Target Audience too Generic?-3 Ways to Hit the Mark Every Time

Picture the scene.

You have your demographic material broken down in nice little pie charts in front of you.

It defines your target audience as 30-35 year-old females working for a non-profit.

You rub your hands together in eager anticipation.

Now you know everything you need to know to craft that killer inbound marketing campaign, right?

Not so fast.

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What Is a Meta Description and Why Should You Care?

It is safe to say that most people using inbound marketing techniques to draw traffic to their websites realize the value of creating relevant, engaging content at every touch point.

To that end, you likely work on creating high quality content, employ solid SEO techniques, and map out a unified approach to marketing over multiple social channels.

However, you may be missing one essential component for driving traffic to your website. That component is a stellar meta description.

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Will these 5 Questions Help You Draft a Winning Content Strategy?

Using content to promote your business is an outstanding way to increase customer engagement and traffic to your website.

Far too often businesses rely on creative content, videos, and infographics to enhance their website – but very few ask questions to create a solid core strategy.

Creating a good game plan should be the top priority of your inbound marketing campaigns.

Strategy is critical to sustained success with inbound marketing.

This isn’t the kind of strategy that gets created and then sits on the shelf.

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Is your Website a Marketing Hub?

The marketing hub idea, sometimes called “the social marketing hub,”or “the enterprise marketing hub” has to do with using your business website to engage customers on multiple marketing platforms at the same time.

Some authorities are saying that creating a marketing hub is synonymous with inbound or content marketing.

The idea of a “marketing hub” has been adopted by a number of companies that make software and organizations that advocate for particular points of view.

This wholesale adoption of the idea makes the actual methodology hard to pin down. However it clearly came out of the growth of inbound marketing methods.

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Aiming High with Content Marketing- 7 Goals Worth Pursuing

According to Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) latest marketing survey entitled “2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends-North America”, a whopping 88 percent of B2B respondents and 76 percent of B2C respondents use content marketing.

While those numbers are impressive, the same survey indicates that only 30 percent of B2B respondents and 38 percent of B2C respondents feel that their organizations are effective at content marketing.

Why is there such a disparity between the use of content marketing and the effective use of content marketing?

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Link Building for Enhancing SEO

There are three essential components of SEO; technical SEO, links and content.

Technical SEO involves on page optimization.

Links refer to the hyperlinks other pages create to your website.

The third component, content, refers to text, video or images displayed on a webpage.

In this article we will discuss links and their importance to your website.

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How Do Keywords Increase Customer Awareness and Brand Exposure?

Your entire digital marketing strategy will revolve around the keywords and phrases you select.

Keywords are the underlying foundation to an effective Inbound Marketing Strategy.

They help make the elements of your online marketing strategy which include; search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), blogs, podcasts, and videos, more effective which in turn will enable prospects to find your site on the internet.

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Inbound Marketing-Making the Most of Changing Buying Behaviors

For many years, the advertising world went with the assumption that for the most part, buying behaviors were predictable, steady, and somewhat unchangeable.internet_shopping

That notion has been turned on its head with the advent of the age of internet shopping, which is changing buying behaviors.

Just how has buying behavior changed?
First off, it makes sense to define what buying behavior is. Simply put, buying behavior is the decision process and actions of people involved in buying a product.

Using that definition, it is easy to see how the internet has affected the way people arrive at their purchasing decisions.

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