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Be Thankful for Nonprofit Fundraising Expertise

Fundraising professionals are a unique subset in the nonprofit industry. There is pressure to perform in an

ultra-competitive marketplace, and the focus on dollars often removes them from the direct connection to community good that often motivates employees to join the sector in the first place.

Sometimes a unique dynamic takes shape where fundraisers are put in isolation as the sole factor in an agency’s financial health. “We didn’t double our budget this year, so let’s blame Angela – it’s her job to raise money.” Rationale like this neglects the interdependent system necessary for revenue results – demonstrated strength in accounting systems, operations, and program evaluation – yet it is often a reality for development pros.

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Identify These Traits When Hiring Nonprofit Fundraising Staff

Just as it is crucial to use a criteria-based method in selecting and retaining nonprofit marketing and fundraising consultants, so too it is essential to hire staff with the traits identified with fundraising success. Get it right and your organization is poised for short and long-term revenue growth. Get it wrong, and you set your organization back a minimum of 3 years.

So, what are the ‘must haves’ a development professional should bring to the table that will help professional should bring to the table that will help build a culture of success? During my nearly 20 years in this business, I’ve found that a diverse combination of some obvious characteristics as well as some less intuitive ones yields the greatest return.

If you are leading an executive search for a fundraising staff member, the candidate with all the following attributes will provide the maximum return on investment:

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Game of Thrones and Nonprofit Fundraising; Engaging Comparisons

The widely acclaimed book series and most popular television show in the world speaks to a diverse fan basewith intriguing stories of conflict, honor, and yes, fantasy. When I watch the players angling for power, purpose, or even basic survival, I can’t help but apply many of the premises to today’s nonprofit fundraising landscape. Nonpnrofit fundraising […]

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