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Landing Pages in Nonprofit Marketing, 5 Tips for Donor Prospecting

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of donor prospecting, yet most nonprofits don’t use them enough—or at all.

It’s common in nonprofit marketing to focus on the homepage instead. After all, it’s the first room in your virtual nonprofit when visitors “walk through the door.”

Studies show that the average crowd funding website converts about 1.5% of visitors to make a donation.

With such a poor outcome, why do nonprofits rely on the homepage to do the heavy lifting?

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Three Ways to be More Personal in Nonprofit Fundraising

Dear Donor,

Don’t take this personally. This letter has been auto-generated by a moderately priced software program, but it will make no attempt to use your name, speak to you individually, or make any reference to your contribution history. You should feel lucky, however, because we know many nonprofit organizations won’t bother to send you a letter at all. We appreciate your continued support.

Not so sincerely, your soon to be former charity of choice.

Hyperbole aside, nonprofit organizations are communicating with donors like this every day. Generic correspondence is pushed out at arbitrary intervals, hoping for substantial returns but not in accordance with a governing strategy and not actively conducting performance analytics.

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Nonprofit Marketing Strategies for Inbound Marketing Can’t be Optional

Perhaps the biggest challenge in nonprofit marketing today is also the biggest opportunity.

Nonprofit organizations have access to countless digital choices for reaching key audiences.

These many options have fostered the need for exploration and experimentation, which is why it’s common to hear about for-profit companies running 5 or 6 figure marketing tests that could eventually be grown to 7 figure marketing campaigns.

But nonprofits don’t have the luxury of open-ended testing and growth budgets.

How can charities strike the right balance with their nonprofit marketing budgets when experimenting with new initiatives?

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3 Strategies to Improve Website Conversion in Nonprofit Marketing

These days most nonprofit marketing teams are tasked with driving more traffic to their websites.

The hope is that traffic will convert into donor leads for the development department to nurture and grow into long term donor investors.

Once this process begins to bear fruit, marketers then try to generate even more traffic, and hopefully even more success.

Few marketing teams focus on getting more from existing traffic.

That’s where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes in.

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Grant Writing as a Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy, 8 Tips for Success

Of the three basic sources of revenue that fund nonprofits; earned income, donations from individuals and grants, the process of getting a grant is perhaps the most puzzling.

It is a rare nonprofit organization that could continue to carry out its mission if their grant funding dried up.

All but the smallest nonprofit organizations are likely to have people on staff or use outside counsel who specialize in grant writing.

Executive directors who see the success or failure of winning grants as a fundraising strategy as residing solely in the hands of the grant writer, fail to consider something even more important than the grant application—namely the purpose of the funding.

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9 Blog Post Ideas for Nonprofit Blogging

Blogging for your nonprofit is not an option any longer.

With competition for donors at an all time high, the reality today is that a nonprofit organization is one of many search results on a search engine report.

79 percent of marketers’ report that blogging is their most effective digital marketing strategy.

Blog posts are a great way to highlight the success of your organization, build excitement around your fundraising campaigns and provide a forum for continuous dialogue with your community.

Making your nonprofit brand stand out and appear trustworthy is about creating content that attracts and converts donors in combination with a remarkable donor experience.

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Social Media for Nonprofits, Using Facebook for Donor Cultivation

Most nonprofit marketers know the importance of including Facebook in their social media strategies. With a daily active user base of 1.3 billion odds are in your favor that you will be able to attract and cultivate donors who enjoy staying connected with Facebook.

Facebook can also help your organization get found in search , create a community around your organization, promote the content you create, and develop a strong brand identity.

But, what about using Facebook to generate leads? To cultivate donors that might eventually turn into cash paying donors?

To be sure, there are many strategies that involve using Facebook as a marketing tool.

In this post I’ll show you 5 different Facebook post ideas to capture leads.

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Lead Nurturing, 5 Steps to Successful Donor Prospecting

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the creation and distribution of relevant content that your audience will find valuable.

Instead of trying to cultivate relationships with alumni using traditional forms of advertising methods where you deploy “spray and pray” messaging to your donor audience, you produce and publish a range of content that your target audience is looking for online, because it is valuable to them and meets their immediate needs.

According to the Custom Content Council, “7 in 10 consumers say they prefer to learn about an organization through a collection of articles rather than through an ad.”

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Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing with These 4 Website Refinements

Every nonprofit needs an online presence to reach current and prospective donors—so put your website at the center of your nonprofit’s online marketing strategy. Modern donors are used to consuming information when and how they want, often without any outside interaction. Your website makes that possible.

In a world dominated by search engines, your website will often be your first point of contact with potential donors. Make a good first impression by ensuring that your site is user-friendly for visitors at all levels of technical experience.

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Play The Aces In Your Nonprofit Fundraising Deck

The old cliché ‘play the hand you’re dealt’ might hold true at the casino, but in the high stakes world of nonprofit fundraising, the chips fall to those who build a winning deck. Over and over, organizations of all sizes that develop a deliberate fundraising plan customized to capitalize on their biggest opportunities are the ones that outperform and up the ante for the field.

No circumstances are identical, and truly exceptional fundraising professionals are able to uniquely assess the shortest path to budget growth and build a system to increase revenue. If you’re looking for an edge to compete with these pros, consider putting these aces in your deck.

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