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Best Online Practices For Nonprofit Fundraising

Fundraising is one of the most important tasks for nonprofit organizations. These days, online donations make up 7-10% of a nonprofit organization’s annual budget, and it continues to grow. If you’ve been in the game of nonprofit fundraising for some time now, or if you’re just starting out, here are a few things you need to know about best practice strategies for fundraising:

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Direct Mail Pays Dividends for Nonprofit Fundraising

In the ever evolving quest to innovate, and to keep pace with the digital communications boom, nonprofits have invested considerable resources in utilizing electronic messaging for fundraising solicitations. Cheap to blast on a mass level and with built-in immediacy – giving prospects an instantaneous opportunity to click through and make a donation – this channel provides a major temptation to replace the “snail mail” approach of yore.

So how does it perform? Based on the data, snail mail wins the race every time. It is very difficult to convert the reader of an email solicitation into a donation.

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5 Website Tweaks to Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing

Your website is central to the performance of your nonprofit marketing. If just one aspect is neglected, your
entire digital strategy will suffer. If you’re struggling to increase traffic or are looking to boost your overarching nonprofit marketing strategy, we offer the following 5 tips;

1. Optimize your SEO strategy

Thanks to continuous updates of Google’s algorithms, SEO is not as simple as it once was. To consistently rank well, you need to tweak your SEO strategy constantly. If you’re using keywords and phrases that you think your target market is using, hold up. Guesstimates won’t cut the SEO mustard. Instead, make sure that the keywords you’re using are based on proper keyword research, i.e.: the words and phrases that your target personas are actively using. Moreover, all of your website pages (including your blog, if you have one) need to be optimized.

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How to Prevent Donor Fatigue

You may have heard of the term ‘donor fatigue’ before, but what does it really mean? It’s when donors lose the donor diesire to donate, become tired of an organization’s requests, and become desensitized to your call to action. This is obviously one of the biggest problems nonprofit organizations can face in marketing a nonprofit. Since prevention is better than a cure, here’s what you can do to avoid the donor fatigue trap:

Give them a new way to support your cause

Donor fatigue isn’t about supporters losing passion for the cause, it’s about growing tired of the same calls to action and poor fundraising strategies. Instead of asking for money all the time, give donors options on how to contribute to your organization – such as smaller recurring donations, or gifts for your fundraising events.

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Online Marketing for Nonprofits; 4 Steps to Donor Engagement

Every nonprofit organization worries about donor engagement. No matter how great you are at fundraising – it
is likely that some of your donors will stop giving. That’s why nonprofit marketing budgets are largely spent on fundraising campaigns – it’s all about keeping current donors happy and attracting new donors.

Despite its absolute necessity, it is amazing how many nonprofit organizations fail to develop a sound donor engagement strategy and incorporate it into their marketing and fundraising plans. Naturally, you need a plan to replace those donors that are going to fall by the wayside, and if you don’t revamp and continually improve your engagement strategy – you are going to find yourself running low on revenue.

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The Importance of Your Nonprofit Organization’s Branding

Many nonprofits make the mistake of assuming that branding and brand awareness are more suited to commercial ventures and companies. While we tend to think of companies like Nike, Apple or Coca-Cola when it comes to well-known brands – this doesn’t mean that there is no use for branding in a nonprofit organization.

In fact, the World Wildlife Fund, The Red Cross and Cancer Research UK are also widely recognized as having incredible brand awareness and people from all over the world know what they do and who they are. That’s because they have a great brand strategy that aligns with the work that they are promoting.

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Four Tips to Amplify Your Nonprofit Marketing Today

Are you still relying on an army of volunteers to hand out pamphlets outside the subway? Hold on. Marketing
tactics today are vastly different from a mere decade ago – across all industries. The last thing your potential donors want is to be interrupted as they go about their day. Instead, they want informative, valuable, and relevant content that’s easy and enjoyable to consume. If this sounds daunting, fear not. Thanks to the explosion of the internet and the rise of social media, getting (and keeping) the attention of potential donors is a lot easier than you think. Even better, there are several nonprofit marketing tactics that you can employ today that will amplify your reach – without requiring a substantial budget or a degree in digital marketing.

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