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Nonprofit Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Donor Acquisition

In our previous blog post, we discussed four simple ways to kick-start your nonprofit marketing strategies and
increase your donor acquisition. Today, we’ll explore the methodology behind them, explaining how they work and why they’re so effective. Without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Know thy audience (to forge authentic relationships)

Targeting your messaging to the specific personas your audience consists of should form the foundation of all of your digital marketing efforts. By compiling in-depth profiles of your ideal audience, you’re able to pull off the equivalent of having a one-on-one conversation with the people who’re interested in what you have to say.

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3 Bold Predictions for Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations in 2017

Calendar year 2016 ended with a bang in philanthropy, and when the final totals are calculated later this year, national giving will be surging toward a new milestone of $400 Billion. You’re now likely either entering 2017 having wrapped up your fiscal year or at the mid-year point in your budget. In either case, the peak of the giving season is past and your success or failure is not a function of chance, but rather on how you choose to strategically proceed throughout the year.

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Maximize Giving:Your Guide to One-day Nonprofit Fundraising Success

Black Friday sales. Flash mobs. Even Election Day. The common denominator is that each of these efforts is

designed to maximize participation at a specific date and time, even when other outlets are available for nearly identical behaviors.

And so the craze has moved to the world of philanthropy. In fact, dedicated days of giving are dominating the nonprofit fundraising landscape in December.

Consider that on Giving Tuesday this year – November 29, 2016 – saw $47.7 Million donated online nationally during these 24 hours, with 33% more nonprofits receiving a donation this year versus 2015. Looking a bit further back to 2012 when the Giving Tuesday effort began, there has been a 317% increase. And in my resident state of Colorado, we saw $33.8 Million raised in the 24 hours of Colorado Gives Day on December 6 – an 18% increase over last year’s campaign – a full week after the national windfall of Giving Tuesday.

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Nonprofit Fundraising. Strategies to Get That Check in The Mail.

There’s something special about small, grassroots nonprofit organizations. Almost without exception, their

work is led by a small, underpaid staff who is wholeheartedly committed to a labor of love. They can only dream of a major media feature to spotlight their work, and they operate on a shoestring budget lacking the ability to invest lavishly on marketing efforts.

As a fundraising professional who has raised more than $20 Million focusing mostly on small organizations like these, I know how difficult this effort can be. And so I generally like to concentrate my own charitable giving to agencies like this by seeking out a wide variety of causes I’m passionate about.

The other day I came to an alarming realization. Overwhelmingly, I never hear from them again!

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How The Inbound Marketing Methodology Will Help Nonprofit Fundraising

Have you come to the point where you realize that your fundraising strategies need a make over? We at Solution Link IMS have found that the very solution that many NPO’s seek is the same one they avoid; inbound marketing. The inbound methodology is centered on focusing your communication and marketing strategies on the people who are the most likely to support and become donors to your cause through permission based marketing using internet media such as blogs, social media platforms, video and web site optimization. To accomplish this goal, using and understanding the inbound methodology is immensely crucial in boosting fundraising for nonprofit organizations like yours.

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Nonprofit Marketing: Make Inbound Marketing Work for Your Nonprofit

In today’s world, it is highly critical that an organization keep up with continuously advancing technologies and ‘new tricks’ in the marketing field. One of these new tricks is inbound marketing – a critical tool in the success of your nonprofit marketing endeavors.

Solution Ink IMS is a thought leader in inbound marketing and is here to assist you with your marketing efforts. This blog will take you through the basic elements of inbound marketing for your nonprofit.

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5 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps With Funding for Nonprofit Organizations

Have you ever found yourself sitting alone thinking to yourself “Man! I need to do something worthwhile”? Well, there are thousands of people out there who feel exactly that way and spend hours every week surfing the internet looking for something that catches their attention. This situation is practically a gold mine when it comes to funding for nonprofit organizations. Your biggest and best friend, inbound marketing, will do wonders to increase potential donors in a focused and cost-effective execution that yields substantial results.

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4 Ways Inbound Marketing Changes Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations

It may feel oxymoronic to use your nonprofit’s funds on marketing, especially since this is sometimes deemed “outside” of the organization’s mission. However, since fundraising for nonprofit organizations is very much a part of the mission, adopting an inbound marketing methodology should be too. Despite misleading popular beliefs and myths, the inbound methodology has a high ROI even for nonprofits.

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations – how does inbound marketing help yours?

You have probably heard contrasting and downright confusing arguments about the ways in which inbound marketing fails to fit in with NPO fundraising. Solution Ink IMS is going to put this to bed, give you some clarification, and help you make a smooth transition into successfully adopting this methodology for your organization.

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5 Tips for Attracting New Donors for Nonprofit Organizations

Having difficulty attracting donors? It is a challenge indeed, but one with a solution. We have found that, donors for nonprofit organizations need to be attracted through a personal touch. A lot of people are looking for a cause that they can identify with, especially millennial donors. You need to give them the feeling that they are part of a team. Whoever your target audience is, you can depend on us at Solution Link IMS, to provide you with an awesome nonprofit marketing strategy which will attract and retain donors.

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There’s No Disguising a Bad Annual Fund Appeal

With Halloween upon us, think of the costume contests you might have witnessed over the years – from elementary school to lavish adult competitions. Any memories of a bagged costume taking top prize? More likely, the ones that stand out in your mind are innovative, thought-provoking, and full of precise detail.

Similarly, an annual appeal is a nonprofit’s opportunity to inspire its donors. Indeed, you are in a contest – competing for important contributions – and success means you must avoid taking a bagged approach.

Make no mistake, the stakes in this competition are high. According to a survey by Wealth Engine, donations to the annual fund comprise 12-29% of TOTAL ANNUAL REVENUE for organizations with budgets under $3.5 Million. And even for national behemoths with annual budgets in excess of $35 Million, the annual fund constitutes on average 5% — that equates to more than seven figures worth of donations for the agency in the calendar year!

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