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100 Questions [the first 10] Arvada Small Business Owners Should Ask

Growing a small business and keeping it sustainable can be a slow and painful process.

As 2015 comes to a close here are 10 questions for small business owners in Arvada to ask themselves.

Will you hit your revenue goal?
Do you know what your revenue goal is?
Did you deviate from your marketing strategy?
How well did your projections match reality?
Are you happy with the results of your marketing strategies?
If you need to improve, what areas will you focus on in 2016?
Are you looking for trends to let you know where the greatest potential with customers could be?
Are there some forms of communication that provide better conversion rates?
What about your most loyal advocates, are they getting the attention they deserve?
Have you developed a checklist of best practices to keep you on the road to sustainable growth?
What questions are you asking yourself about your business?

Comment below and share your thoughts with others.

Are you looking for ways to grow your business in 2016?

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Inbound Sales VS. Traditional Sales-What’s The Difference?

Marketing is marketing, right? Inbound sales VS. traditional sales-what’s the difference?

The truth is that it does not matter how marketing is done…so long as it generates consistent, profitable sales.

So, with the intent of making the most of your marketing dollars, it is imperative to consider the different types of marketing strategies to find a combination that works most effectively for your particular business.

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Why is Creating Trust in the Sales Process Important?

Inbound marketing relies on a fairly simple methodology to move customers through the sales funnel: Attract strangers to become visitors, convert visitors into leads, close leads into customers, and delight your customers so that they become promoters. So, how do you get started?

Today’s most successful companies aren’t just industry leaders: they are thought leaders, as such they strive to create trust in the sales process. Thought leadership refers to having an informed opinion in your field, and acting as a trusted resource for information and innovative ideas. These thought leaders attract strangers to the company through social media, blogs, careful SEO use, and web pages, and inspire the visitor to respond to your call to action, whatever it may be. Once they convert into leads, your sales team can take over and close the sale.

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A Digital Publishing Transformation: Coming to a Public Library Near You

Solution Link is in the business of finding and creating marketing solutions in our new digital information age. In this spirit, we are presenting our third article in our guest blogging series, Signs of the Times: The Hidden Seeds of a Benevolent Future [Read parts 1 & 2]. Thanks to the far-sighted ideas and speculative risk-taking of a public library system in Colorado, public libraries across the United States and around the world may be moving toward an exciting new model of services in the digital age.

Solutions are all around us, although they might not always be apparent. In this series we are offering our customers and online audience with inspiring examples of innovative problem solving and creative solutions that point the way to a remarkable future that might not be as bleak as the mass media picture would make us believe. In this era of change, many people, businesses and communities are seeking and finding new paradigms and creative responses to the pressing need for change. We see ourselves as a company that helps our clients find these new solutions.

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Why Playing Candy Crush At Work Is Good For Business

You no longer have to feel guilty for playing on your smartphone at work. A recent study shows that smartphone breaks will not only make you that smartphone breaks will not only make you happier, they’ll make you more productive too.Though it might seem like browsing Twitter or trying to make it to the next level […]

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Why Your Marketing Shouldn’t Be Like a Fireworks Display

Everyone loves a good fireworks display. People wait expectantly for them around the 4th of July every year because they’re flashy, exciting and fun. But shouldn’t marketing be flashy, exciting and fun, too?
Not exactly. While it’s always good to make a big impact with your marketing, there are several reasons why flashy marketing won’t get you the most bang for your buck (pardon the pun):

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The Direct Mail Fundraising Debate: Does it Still Work?

One of the biggest current debates among businesses and non-profits regarding marketing and fundraising is whether or not direct mail still works. We’ll get to the statistics in a minute, but first, let’s look at the pros and cons of using direct mail as a means of fundraising:Pros of Direct MailOne of the biggest reasons […]

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Lighten Up! Why You Should Use Humor In Your Marketing

With the recent increase in the prevalence of sadvertising (think commercials where puppies and horses form unbreakable bonds), humor isn’t quite as ubiquitous in marketing as it used to be. While tugging at heart strings is effective, funny and clever marketing is a great way to demonstrate a brand’s personality. Shared humor helps to connect you to your customers, and it certainly makes you more memorable. You can cut through the noise by using wit instead of an overwhelming amount of nostalgia. Check out these tips and ideas:

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How To Turn Your Employees Into Social Brand Advocates

Your very best brand advocates are sitting in the cubicles right outside your door. They know what makes your company great, and they most likely have social media networks that extend far beyond your marketing’s reach. Hearing positive things about a business from an employee conveys that your company is trustworthy, so if you aren’t giving your employees the tools they need to be brand advocates, you should start immediately. These are the things you’ll need to do:

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8 Tips for Remembering People’s Names

You’re meeting someone for the first time. She extends her hand, tells you her name, and then you do the same. Caught up in thinking about what to say next, you don’t register what she said her name is. Was it Allie? Or Ellie? Or something totally different? You leave the conversation with absolutely no idea of what your new acquaintance’s name is.

But what’s in a name? In business, a lot. Names are deeply personal and inextricably linked to a person’s identity. If you can’t remember someone’s, it conveys that you don’t care about your relationship with him or her. That being said, forgetting names is an incredibly common problem. Keep these things in mind the next time you’re introduced to someone:

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